Great Guys Are Easy to Meet

It’s the day after Valentines, naked cherubs and overpriced roses are now marked down. Yay! It was a great 24 hours for some, but dreadful for others. For the latter, you might be a single gal finding it difficult to meet great guys or you’re tired of meeting duds on dating apps. Or your single BFF is a catch and you don’t understand why it’s so hard for her to meet potentials. If that’s the case, this share is for you.

Contrary to the cry of single women that quality men are nearly impossible to find, they are out there and looking for MS. RIGHT. The question is, are you at the right place? Or are you brunching with your fab gay friends every weekend and constantly having girl powwows in your free time? It’s a great way to relax and unwind, but it’s not where guys hang.

I’m no dating guru. I actually wrote this out of frustration from reading Matthew Hussey’s (“the dating guru”) content on how to get the guy. I find some of his shares interesting and others simply manipulative tactics. “Say the right things to get him to come back and desire you,” paraphrasing Mr. Hussey. If you are human, you will eventually say something stupid. If you are going to work that hard trying to get his attention, imagine what you’ll have to do to get that guy to stay. You don’t want a boy who falls for tricks, you want a man who sees the diamond that you are, just the way you are.

As a thrill seeker, I’m constantly looking for new adventures. I’ve been into a variety of sports and fitness, working out like a machine lately and trying new outdoor action like surfing. I noticed a pattern. At each group or meet-up I was constantly meeting great guys, who were down to earth, single and fit! Some of them with interesting stories and careers. It dawned on me that I was meeting them because I was in places they do life.

If you are complaining that great guys are hard to meet, find an activity that you genuine like or have curiousity about and men participate. Great guys live active lifestyles whether it is tennis, skiing, running, biking, or hiking. That’s where he is hanging out and there are tons of meet-ups in your town for these activities.

Guys want to be accepted as they are without putting much effort. So when a chic shows up doing what he loves, you have a high chance of naturally getting their attention. You could become a person of interest because you share their interest. What you say when you are in their space should come from the heart and be natural. Genuine curiosity goes a long way, and it’s more sincere then saying things to manipulate their way of thinking. Tricks are for kids. If for the first few outings you don’t meet anyone, just have fun and get fit! True joy from the inside shines and attracts people naturally.