Trump is NOT Our Problem, Grace IS.

[photo credit: Beauty Nun by Yujin Kim - CG Portfolio]

[photo credit: Beauty Nun by Yujin Kim - CG Portfolio]

Everyone reading this post including the author is judgmental, racist, unfair, bias and hypocritical. Last time I checked they are part of the human condition and we are human right? For those of us throwing darts at Trump, The Clintons, Mike Pence… who are you? Mother Theresa? If a loud speaker were attached to our unfiltered daily thoughts, I’m quite confident we’d walk around in shame from the atrocious judgments we subconsciously entertain. 

It's easy to accuse someone of being an "idiotic bigot" without bating a lash to acknowledge our own brokenness. That we have at one time or another, hurt the people we love most and strangers with our words and actions.

I know first hand how racist and indifferent Asians can be; we are even racists towards each other! Growing up my family would reach for the car lock when they saw a homeless person, they would ignore the doorbell when white people on their bikes wearing a tie came by because we didn't care to hear about their religion. Be careful of black people because they will mug you. Chinese people only think about money and have no etiquette. Lao people are lazy. Thai people are dishonest. They are stereotypes. We all grew up with them, accepted some, rejected others and have made up our own. Whether or not we have the balls to voice them, they exist in our mind and our values.  If you want to stand on your high horse and tell me you are not or have never been judgmental, racist, bias or hypocritical, I’d say you are delusional.

The negative and slanderous behavior we see today on media/social media is our inability to accept differences and self-righteous need to point out what is so wrong with the world and other people. By doing that we insinuate the hate factor. Example: When you identify a public figure making a statement contrary to your beliefs, share and call that person a “F%^&ing Idiot,” from 1 incident of negativity you just multiplied it by two, doubling the amount of hate in the world. What for?

If we extended more grace, there would be less people protesting in violence and cursing at people we don’t agree with. Stop pointing fingers; we are no different from the broken people we so badly want to defame. We all have our own junk, and what is the standard to judge whose junk is better or worst. Just remember the next time you want to call some out on their crap; we are all 100% capable of hurting people around us with our words and actions. No one is perfect and decent is subjective, so have some grace for people who make small and big mistakes.

What does it mean to have grace and to give it to others? Webster defines Grace as "help given to people by God in overcoming temptation." Practically, it’s seeing others in the same light we see ourselves ----> not perfect, but still in need of love and understanding, even when we are spewing poison. It's loving people we don't really know like family, the kind of family members we wish we never had, but can't get rid of. It’s changing our lenses from identifying differences and separation to having EMPATHY. We are all one human race living in a broken world as broken people where hurt begets hurt, and hate begets hate. We can stop the cycle by extending grace. Grace is free; it costs us nothing to give but our pride and ego.

I’ve pointed my fingers at other people many a times, so please have some grace for me as well. Namaste.